Family Photos

Family photos pricing will stay the same, unless of course you want me to develop them- in which case it will be $15.00 extra. Family photos can be made into canvases and other things, but again-that will cost extra. If you just want the photos- I can put them on a disc for you.

Senior Pictures

Prices stay the same, unless you need me to develop them. I can get them for cheap on a website I use. That goes with all pictures. I can also put writing on them and make them invitations and order them, but that will be $10.00 extra for me to do all that and order them. Otherwise, I can just put them on a disc for you! :)

Toddler Pictures

The pricing stays the same, unless you want me to develop the photos. I can put the photos on a disc for you. Toddlers are very energetic, so make sure you have a snack and water for the kiddo(s) so they don't get too cranky. :)

Engagement Photos

This is a little different in pricing, unless you want me to just take the pictures and edit them the price will stay the same. BUT if you want me to do the invitations and get them printed with envelopes and such...the price will go up about $15.00

Preggy Pics

The pricing on here is a set rate, unless you want me to develop the picture for you. Otherwise, I can just get you a disc made.